Our First Blog!

Welcome to our first blog!  We hope to blog periodically regarding what’s happening currently on the farm which will include all news goat, kid, cheese, farming/hay etc.  Although we haven’t had near enough rain this winter, a winter storm is in today and we know spring is officially around the corner.

Kidding season is nearly over for us as all but six of our does have kidded and the milk is starting to flow.  The kidding “storm” began on February 26th and ended on the 9th.  The nursery is brimming with colorful baby kids.  Most are boer/lamancha crosses, but there are few nice dairy kids from artificial insemination breedings.  All kids are now able to drink from the kid feeder which makes feeding much easier.  They take a good deal of time and labor to teach them how to drink from a bottle and then how to use the bucket nurser once they leave Mom.  Pretty intense when all the does are kidding and one needs to “start” 50 kids on a bottle.  The days are not long enough this time of year for sure.

We lucked out as during the time everyone was kidding, the weather was beautiful and some even got to kid in the field as opposed to a hospital pen.  All kids and does are healthy!  Yeah!

Cheese making also will be getting underway shortly (everything happens at once in the Spring) and all equipment has had the annual maintenance checks so we are ready to go.

Last year we tilled and planted the field with what we hope will be a crop of oat/wheat/pea hay in the Spring.  We didn’t get enough rain and the crop is appearing “short” at this time.  Hopefully these late rains will help.

Our website has a new look!  Check it out and spend some time enjoying the photos.  All aspects of what we do here on the farm are well represented and give a nice overview. Many thanks to Mary Fines for her efforts relative to building the new site!

The farmer’s market season will begin shortly and we look forward to seeing everyone after the winter break.

Until next time,                                                                                                                                    Best Wishes, Mark and Deneane

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5 Responses to Our First Blog!

  1. WebNanny says:

    Deneane, it’s been a pleasure to work with you over the years and particularly in bringing this latest incarnation of your website to completion.

  2. Alina says:

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  3. Deneane says:

    Thanks for your comment and glad you are enjoying our blog!

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