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 Click here for Spring 2005 photos of North Valley Farms Chevre, Inc. dairy construction

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98 Togg Dairy Herd
First Place Toggenburg Dairy Herd
California State Fair - 1998
(Rebecca, Marquetry, "Brownie", Kanga)
01 Togg Dairy Herd
First Place Toggenburg Dairy Herd
District 8 Togg Specialty Show
at the 2001 Los Angeles County Fair
(Julip, Kaeleen, Virmellia, "Brownie")

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Greetings Friends!

Thanks very much for stopping by, and we hope you enjoy your visit to our website. Please check back often as updates and new photos are being added frequently.

Our farm is located in the northern portion of the Sacramento Valley, and is home to the soon to be completed North Valley Farms Dairy, as well as the Powder Horn Dairy goat herd and the 3A Bar Angus Herd. The farm also produces the majority of the hay fed on the farm.

The farm has undergone a profound "restructuring" in the last four years. A Grade A Dairy/Cheese Making facility is nearing completion (finally) and the cattle numbers have been reduced. More acreage is utilized for growing hay, and we continue to maintain a smaller herd of quality Angus.

The goat herd has undergone a transformation as well. While we will continue with a Toggenburg breeding program, our Lamancha herd has grown in numbers, and last year we purchased our first Saanen. We envision our commercial herd to be composed of these three breeds with the LaManchas and the Saanens eventually being somewhat dominant in numbers. We will also continue to keep and milk Experimentals of quality.

Our practice of selective breeding utilizing AI and rigorous culling will continue, keeping kids from only our best individuals, as well as offering these same kids to our customers. Many of our animals have scored EX, attained GCH status, as well as receiving Top Ten recognition. Many Powder Horn animals are scoring, showing, and milking well in other herds, as well as producing offspring who are continuing in this fashion, which for us is perhaps the most gratifying aspect of our breeding program.

We will continue to participate in both the DHIR and Linear Appraisal programs. Although our animals are competitive when shown, campaigning them on the "show circuit" is not our focus. Shows provide a great opportunity to look at goats, scout genetics, visit with our friends, and finish animals, so we'll be "turning up" here and there as time permits.

In the coming months our website will be "restructured" and eventually will be the North Valley Farms website featuring our cheese with the goats having their own section.

Thank you for your interest in our farm and our herd. Feel free to contact us should you need additional information.

Best Wishes,
Mark and Deneane

Mark & Deneane Ashcraft
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