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The Powder Horn (Name of the Herd) dairy goat herd began in the late 1980’s and became a prominent national level show and milking herd.  Permanent show champions, Breed Leaders for milk production, and numerous animals through the years have been awarded the Superior Genetics designation as well as scoring EX in the Linear Appraisal program.

In 2006, Powder Horn Dairy Goats became a “Cheese Maker’s Goat Herd” with the licensure of our Grade A Dairy/Farmstead Cheese Making  Operation. The goats are the “heart beat” of the business and are family.  The quality and unique properties of our cheeses  are owed to them.

The goat herd is “closed” as we do not purchase animals and raise all of our replacement kids. New genetics are brought in through artificial insemination. Although their days in the show ring are behind them, the herd will return to participation in both the Production Testing and Linear Appraisal programs this year.

Dairy seed stock is available on a limited basis. Boer female and male crossbred kids are available each spring.

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Learn more about our Goat Herd at Powder Horn Dairy Goats.

Our LaMancha X Boer Does & Their 3/4 Boer Kids (working in the Rehdorf/Gravano meat goat herd):

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